Bone Clones Incorporated

August 2015 Newsletter

Natural History and High Fashion rolled into one.

Bergdorf Goodman department store on Fifth Avenue in New York City and their striking windows have been an iconic presence on this famous avenue for over a century. The five large and three small windows facing the avenue are well known for imaginative, elaborate, and lavish scenarios envisioned by the legendary window Designer and Visual Artist, David Hoey. The originality and elegance of the current window display include an impressive array of skulls and skeletons in the midst of beautiful fashion. These skeletal structures, large and small, by themselves, or in juxtaposition, are fascinating. Inherently well-designed, skeletons serve to enlighten us about form and function, intrigue us as to purpose, and pique our curiosity.

Bone Clones® models (skulls and skeletons) are currently featured in Bergdorf Goodman's windows. Generally found in classrooms, museums, zoos, art studios, homes and offices, they now make their debut as unique visual landscape.

Bergdorf Goodman Street View

On view from August 7th to Sept 1st. Bone Clones® osteological reproductions are multi-taskers: educational, collectible, as props, as inspiration for artists in many media, and as natural history décor - and now: fashion statement.

This link will lead you to additional information and an enlarged view of all the windows (10 in total) plus a listing of what is displayed in each window. From there you can go to the product page for that item. We've also provided a link to our new "Décor" category, for additional inspiration.

We were pleased when Mr. Hoey approached us months ago with his enthusiastic vision for use of Bone Clones® osteological reproductions in a series of windows on the "Avenue," and now that they are on display we are amazed at the impact the entire collection makes. It has been an interesting departure from our usual focus and concerns, and we think the result is outstanding - a one-of-a-kind panorama of compelling images - created by Hoey and his team!

Stay in touch for other surprises on the Bone Clones website.