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Welcome to the New Year! We hope you had a great end to 2015 and are rested and recovered! With February approaching quickly our thoughts turn to upcoming shows, conferences and conventions. We look forward to seeing you at this year's AAFS - Feb. 22-27 in Las Vegas.

Bone Clones Incorporated Bone Clones Incorporated Bone Clones Incorporated Bone Clones Incorporated

Although we will not have a booth at the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, we hope those of you who go enjoy the fossils and gems you see there. Should you have special needs, we are available by phone or email and will be happy to help you work Bone Clones® into your exhibit or collection. International buyers, we are able to send your orders to Tucson for pick-up; Please contact us.

In past years our Sabertooth Cat Skeletons have been quite the draw. With the exception of their extra large canines, cats today retain this basic, and highly successful, morphology. We do offer custom articulations for specific exhibit needs.

Sabertooth Cats

Bone Clones, Inc. produces 10 articulated fossil skeletons ranging from Hominids, to Sabertooth Cats, a Bear, Birds, and even a Marine Mammal. As always, we also offer individual bones, teeth and a wide variety of Fossil skulls.

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Last month we introduced the newest addition to our Bone Clones® Hominid line. The Dmanisi Homo erectus Skull 4 specimen (Dmanisi D3444/D3900) is a toothless adult male. Since tooth loss preceded death by years, it is hypothesized that the individual survived either by eating soft foods or with the help of other Dmanisi hominins. This specimen is one of five individuals found in the same area and provides a unique insight into the morphological variation within a small population sample of human ancestors.

Dmanisi Skull 4

The Dmanisi hominins offer an incredible glimpse of early human development, within group variation, and hominin migration patterns and would be an invaluable addition to any anthropology, paleoanthropology or bioarchaeology programs.

This month on our home page we are featuring the articulated skeleton of the 50,000 YA. Homo neanderthalensis. Gary J. Sawyer of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) and Blaine C. Maley based much of their reconstruction on a skeleton found in France in 1909 known as La Ferrassie 1.

This reconstruction more vividly than individual bones, illustrates how Neanderthals differed from modern humans. Skeletal contrasts with modern humans can be noted in the structure of the pelvis and rib cage. The price of the Articulated Neanderthal Skeleton includes the stand, as pictured.

The Sawyer & Maley Neanderthal Reconstruction Abstract available on our website contains information supplied by Sawyer and Maley which helps explain the reconstruction.

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All individual bones are also available.
Some examples:

Neanderthal Skull Neanderthal Femur Neanderthal Hand
Neanderthal Skeleton