Bone Clones Incorporated
April 2016 Newsletter

April - We are preparing for three conferences in a row! ... If you are attending any of these shows, drop by to say hello.

National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) March 31 - April 2 in Nashville, Tennessee
Society for American Archaelogy (SAA) April 7 - 9 in Orlando, Florida
American Association of
Physical Anthropologists (AAPA)
April 14-16 in Atlanta, Georgia


We are introducing a set of 7 primate skulls with a comprehensive lesson plan geared to High School and introductory College courses in Evolution. We are excited about this product, as it gives students a hands-on opportunity to experience the scientific method and solve the "mystery" of the Skull Lab Activity, while also introducing them to hominid evolution.

Bone Clones will be presenting a Hominid Evolution Activity workshop at the
National Science Teachers Association Conference on
Thursday March 31st from 8 AM to 9:30 AM in Music City, Rm #214,
and exibiting in booth #1021.

Disarticulated Lucy Skeleton Set of 7 Primate Skulls BH-KRO-7
Economy Comparative Sets (K-12 Educators)

We have created three new sets which can be used to fulfill requirements of National and State science and art common core requirements. Each set features skulls that illustrate adaptations animals have made for survival, and can be used to show differences and similaraties in overall morphology, dental structure and ocular positioning. Additionally, the sets provide an opportunity to open discussions about ecology, animal behavior, and can provide material for still life drawing, and observations between underlying structure and fleshed out form.

Our canid comparison set (COMP-CANID) features: Coyote, Gray Fox, Red Wolf and Pit bull.

Our dietary comparison set (COMP-DIET) features: Carnivore (Cougar), Herbivore (White-tailed Doe Deer), Omnivore (Raccoon), and Insectivore (Elephant Shrew).

Our predator-prey comparison set (COMP-PREY) features: Coyote, Bobcat, Jack rabbit.

Each set of economy skulls is priced at a considerable savings to individual purchase.

canid comparison set


dietary comparison set


predator-prey comparison set



New in our Sculpture series

We are delighted to present two wildlife sculptures by veterinarian (and expert in shark paleontology) Dr. Gordon Hubbell. These sculptures capture the grace and essence of two iconic African mega-fauna species.

African Elephant Sculpture Indian Rhino Sculpture