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August 2016 Newsletter

NEW PRODUCTS: Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle Skeletons, Human Male Cranium with Sharp Force Trauma,
Bonobo Life Casts - Hand and Foot

FEATURED PRODUCTS: 6 Chimpanzee Skulls available for comparative study

Bald Eagle Skeleton

August - Be sure to check out our New Products category... we continually add specimens in all categories. Since our last announcement, we have added two large raptor skeletons: Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle. Articulated in characteristic positions, perched and reaching for prey, and also available disarticulated. Together with our Harpy Eagle, these skeletons show off these powerful apex predators.

Golden Eagle Skeleton

Human Male Cranium with Sharp Force Trauma
An excellent example of perimortem trauma, probably caused by a sharp, rectangular object, resulting in several puncture wounds. This cranium is an excellent example specimen for anthropology programs focused on paleopathology, archaeology, or forensics. A calvarium cut was added to allow both an external and internal view of the wounds and how they affected both the inner and outer table of the cranium. Magnetic closure.

Human Male Cranium with Sharp Force Trauma

New Life Casts: Bonobo Foot and Hand
Our newest additions to our already extensive selection of hand and foot life casts from old world monkeys, apes, and humans, including chimpanzee specimens, for comparison.

Bonobo Foot Life Cast Bonobo Hand Life Cast
Female Bonobo Skull Male Bonobo Skull


We offer 6 full-sized (1:1 scale) chimpanzee skulls, including: Fetal, Infant, Juvenile, Adult Male, Adult Female, and Adult Male with Calvarium Cut. These specimens offer the ability to compare differences in age and sex with Pan troglodytes and would be a useful addition to comparative primatology and zoological comparative anatomy courses.

Fetal Chimp Skull Infant Chimp Skull Juvenile Chimp Skull
Adult Male Chimp Skull Adult Female Chimp Skull Adult Male Chimp Skull Calvarium Cut

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