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November 2016 Newsletter

NEW PRODUCTS: 2017 Human Anatomy Catalog, 1:2 Scale Human Ancestry and Hominid Skulls

FEATURED PRODUCTS: Dmanisi Skulls 1, 2, 4 & 5, Fetal Skull Set with Embryology Lesson Plan


November - They're here! Our Human Anatomy and Anthropology catalog is in the mail. Both of our catalogs have now been printed and mailed. We hope you enjoy them. Since our last printing we've developed quite a lot of new products. A slew of new birds, including 3 new skeletons, hominids (Dmanisi anyone!), "To Scale" Bone Clones® including half-scale humans and hominids and an 8 times life sized bat, educational sets - lesson plans included, new reptile life casts, pathology specimens, physical therapy visual aids, economy sets and, as the saying goes, much, much, more. We hope you enjoy browsing through our catalogs and website, and find just what you never knew you needed.

2017 Zoology Catalog 2017 Human Catalog

If you haven't already ordered and would like receive printed versions of either of our printed catalogs, you can place orders on our website. Both of our catalogs can be viewed online. Human and Zoological

NOTE: Website pricing remains in effect until December 31, 2016. Catalog pricing will take effect January 1, 2017.

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- Introducing -

Half Scale Bone Clones® Skulls

Our Half Scale Bone Clones® series skulls are created by taking 3D scans of full-sized Bone Clones® skulls, printing them at half scale and then meticulously preparing them for molding. The resulting cast - a perfect duplicate of the original Bone Clones® skull at half the scale - is then finely hand finished. Beautiful, useful, and a little addicting, they provide an affordable solution for K-12 educators wanting to give students hands-on experience, for collectors with great enthusiasm but limited space, and for anyone looking for an intruiging gift. Some products in this line may be scaled larger or smaller, and will be clearly noted.


Half Scale Human Male & Female Skulls - African, Asian, and European (6 skulls)

Half Scale Human Skulls

Detailed half-scale versions of Bone Clones® full scale set COMP-120-SET Human Male and Female Skulls - African, Asian, and European. Included in the 6 skull set are 3 male and 3 female skulls of African, Asian and European individuals. For easier display and handling, we've included custom bases for each skull. The skulls that compose TS-COMP-120 are also available individually, as well as in Male and Female sets of 3 skulls each. Full scale skulls pictured for size comparison only (not included).


Half Scale Hominid Skulls (4 skulls):
A. ramidus, A. afarensis "Lucy," H. ergaster "Turkana Boy," and H. neanderthalensis Shanidar 1

Half Scale Hominid Skulls

Detailed half-scale versions of 4 of Bone Clones® full scale hominid skulls: Ardipithecus ramidus, Australopithecus afarensis "Lucy," Homo ergaster "Turkana Boy," and Homo neanderthalensis Shanidar 1. We developed TSBH-COMP-1 to provide educators and collectors with accurate, detailed, yet smaller and more affordable version of these important anthropological finds. For easier display and handling, we've included custom bases for each skull. The skulls that compose this set are also available individually. Full scale skull pictured for size comparison only (not included).

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Other Featured Products

Dmanisi Homo erectus Skulls - Shedding Light on Human Lineage

Located in the country of Georgia, in the corridor between Europe and Asia and bordered by seas on either side, the Dmanisi site has proven to be one of the richest Lower Paleolithic sites in the world. It has yielded fascinating archaeological and anthropological specimens, including 5 individuals found near each other and at different developmental stages (sub-adult, adult, elderly) and representing the earliest hominin remains found outside of Africa.

Here are recreations of the 5 Dmanisi hominin skulls.

Dmanisi Skull 5 Dmanisi Skull 4 Dmanisi Skull 3 Dmanisi Skull 2 Dmanisi Skull 1


Fetal Development Set of 4 skulls on base, with two-part 14 page lesson plan

An exceptional teaching aid, this set includes fetal skulls at clinically and osteologically critical stages of development, a 14 page lesson plan, and a display base. Includes 40-week calvarium cut skull which opens to reveal a detailed internal cranial cavity, 35-week, 29-week, and 20-week fetal skulls. These skulls were selected as they represent relevant embryological stages where the cranium, face and brain formation are intricately intertwined. The two-part lesson plan, a collaborative effort between Bone Clones and Cara Davies, Ph.D., covers embryological and osteological development; beginning with the germ layers, how they form the skull and associated tissues, and concluding with osteological development, highlighting the various bones forming in each stage of fetal development.

This set would be an excellent addition to any introductory course in embryology, physical anthropology, forensic anthropology and bioarchaeology.

Human Fetal Skulls Set of 4
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