Bone Clones December 2016 Newsletter

December - The last month of the year. We want to thank our many customers who support us, guide us in our exploration into new products, and continue their pursuit of knowledge, natural history, science education and the arts. Without our customers, we wouldn't exist.

With the end of the year comes gatherings of family and friends. We send good wishes for celebrations large and small. If you happen to be in a gift-giving mood ... we'd like to suggest some of our more popular natural history gift ideas.

NOTE: Website pricing remains in effect until December 31, 2016. Catalog pricing will take effect January 1, 2017.

Natural History Gift Ideas
Life Casts

Life Casts

Meticulously painted reptiles, a fish long thought to be extinct, a limited edition tribute to Jane Goodall for her work with Chimpanzees all make beautiful desktop or bookshelf accents. Perfect for the naturalist in your life.


Sculpted miniature busts of hominins by Atelier Daynes, the premier anthropological sculptor for natural history museums, and a set of sculpted mini primate skulls with optional base.

For your favorite k-12 teacher ...
...a mystery bone box. Filled with an ever-changing selection of seconds.

Mystery Bone Box Sculpted Miniatures
Scale and Sculpture

Scale & Sculpture

Our new line of half scale Bone Clones products derived from 3d Scan/Print technology, including human ancestry and a hominin set. Fleshed-out hand sculpted animals representing extinct and extant species, as well as sculpted osteological specimens.


For the individual who appreciates the form and texture of natural objects, but wants to leave wild animals in the wild ... these exacting replicas provide sculptural accents to home or office.

triple lines

We wish you and yours a happy, healthy and joy-filled holiday season.

Until next time...

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