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January 2017 Newsletter

Paleontology: Fossils--dinos and so much more!

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January - We begin our year by looking back...waaay back. With the 2017 Tucson Gem Shows upcoming, we're starting the year focused on fossils. Beyond dinosaurs, there are so many interesting fossils: mammal (carnivores, herbavores, marine...), bird, shark, reptile, that contribute to our understanding of an ever changing world, and organisms' adaptations, both successful and not.

Although we are not exhibiting, we are able to ship orders to your hotel in Tucson (for our international and travelling customers) if we are given enough time to process them. (Please inquire before ordering.)

You can explore our website's paleontology menu or view our online catalog of zoology PDF.

Short-faced Bear Skeleton

Articulated upright Short-faced Bear (shown here with our Quality Control Manager.)

Replica Fossil Specimens:
Skeletons, Skulls & Teeth

Fossil Teeth T-rex Skulls

We are pleased that we've been able to cast outstanding and diverse fossil specimens from around the world and through the ages, including the Mesozoic (Pleistocene), Cenozoic and Paleozoic.

Our replica specimens include impressive, articulated skeletons like our upright Short-faced Bear (left), and smaller pieces like scale replica T-rex skulls (above right), and specimens that fit in the palm of your hand, like fossil teeth (above left).

All display handsomely in museum, and educational settings, as well as in private collections. Many are Bone Clones® exclusives. Custom articulations available.

Articulated Fossil Skeletons

• Sabertooth Cat, Smilodon
• Sabertooth Cat, Xenosmilus
• Elephant Bird, Aepyornis
• Short-faced Bear, Arctodus
• Toothed fossil bird, Odontopteryx
• Fossil Dugong, Metaxytherium

Fossil Cats

Popular Skulls:
In addition to several specimens of the ever popular Sabertooth Cat, we are pleased to offer a large number of other examples of saber-toothed morphology in fossil cats:: Xenosmilus, Eusmilus, Hoplophoneus, Machairodus, Megantereon, Homotherium, and Dinictus. Some specimens are available in matrix. Other fossil cats available are: Cave and American Lion, and Ancestral Tiger.

Chinese Fossil Cats

We encourage you to check out our website where you will find more fossil skulls, skeletons and postcranial parts. We hope your year is starting well.

Smilodon Skeleton
triple lines

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