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July 2017 Newsletter

Meetings and Conferences: AACA 34th Annual Meeting (Minneapolis, MN)

Featured Products: Osteology of the Skull & Dentition • Fetal Osteology • Limbs

News from New Zealand


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July - We will be exhibiting at the 34th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Clinical Anatomists. We support the AACA's mission to advance clinical anatomy knowledge and anatomical services through education, research and scholarship. If you are in the area, we hope you stop by and say hello.

AACA Conference

Bones can reveal and suggest much information about an individual, such as age, sex, whether they have given birth, height, occupation, health, disease, diet, ancestry, and economic status. Featured below and in our Human Anatomy menu are examples of osteologically significant specimens that are useful for education of adult, adolescent and child osteology, including the bones of the skull, skulls with revealed dentition, limbs, torso, and full and partial skeletons.

Featured Products

Osteology of the Skull

Right Temporal

Left Temporal

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Disarticulated Human Skull-Adult Disarticulated Human Skull-Fetal

Disarticulated Human
Skull (Adult)

Includes osteological report & chart

Disarticulated Human
Skull (Fetal)


Ethmoid in Plastic Case


Adult Teeth

Individual Removable Teeth
in Partial Maxilla & Mandible (Adult)

12-year old

12-year old with
Dentition Exposed

5-year old

5-year old with
Dentition Exposed


4-year old

Individual Deciduous Teeth

Adult Teeth

Individual Teeth


Comparative Maxilla Set

Comparative Maxilla Set:
African, Asian, and European Ancestry Groups


Human Skeletons

To facilitate teaching osteological anatomy and provide tools for students to understand critical anatomical structures and concepts, we offer a range of male and female specimens representing different ancestry groups, and ages - including fetal, sub-adult developmental stages and adult.

Lesson Plan

Skeleton configurations include:
Articulated Skeletons
Disarticulated Skeletons
Half Skeletons
Arms & Legs, Joints
Hands, Feet
Torso, Pelvis
Pelvis & Femur Sets

We also offer value-priced
Bone Boxes and Comparative Sets

Fetal Skeleton

Disarticulated Human Fetal
Skeleton Full Term

Fetal Set

Human Fetal Skulls Set of 4 with Embryology Lesson Plan

Fetal Osteology

Human Comparative Fetal Osteology Collection

We invite you to explore our website's Human AnatomyFields of StudyElements,
and Pathology and Trauma,  menus or, if you prefer, our Catalog of Human Anatomy PDF

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Jane Goodall Adult Teeth

To mark the global 40th anniversary of the Jane Goodall Institute, Dr. Goodall toured Australasia, launching New Zealand branches of both her institute and its complimentary "Roots & Shoots" program.

Seen here in New Zealand with Gino Acevedo, of Weta Digital, holding "Hand-in-hand" - a limited edition fundraising life cast sculpture designed by Mr. Acevedo and produced by Bone Clones®

50% of the sales of "Hand-in-Hand" goes directly to the Jane Goodall Institute.

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