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January / February 2018 Newsletter


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Articulated Xenosmilus Skeleton
on Stand

January / February

This year's Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase runs from 1/20 - 2/11

Although we are not exhibiting, we are able to ship orders to your hotel in Tucson (for our international and travelling customers) if we are given enough time to process them. (please inquire before ordering) This represents a significant savings in shipping costs as compared to international shipping fees.

If you will be in Los Angeles, we invite you to make an appointment to visit our showroom.


Articulated Smilodon Skeleton on Stand
in Antique or Tarpit finish.


Fossil Cats

FOSSIL CATS In addition to several specimens of the ever popular Sabertooth Cat, we are pleased to offer a large number of other examples of saber-toothed morphology in fossil cats, including a scale version of our most popular Sabertooth Cat skull, Smilodon fatalis. Also available: Xenosmilus, Eusmilus, Hoplophoneus, Machairodus, Megantereon, Homotherium, and Dinictus. Some specimens are available in matrix. Other fossil cats available are: Cave and American Lion, and Ancestral Tiger.


Short-faced Bear Skeleton


Our upright articulation shows off the impressive size of this individual, which, when alive, was approximately five feet at the hip, and stood 12 feet tall. The extinct Short-faced Bear is considered the largest predatory mammal to have roamed the earth. Most abundant in California, it was the most common early North American bear, and lived during the Pleistocene epoch, from around 1.8 MYA until 11,000 years ago.

Also available individually are the skull, canine teeth, humerus, femur and articulated paw. Please see our SC-114 group page for more details.

Our quality control manager, pictured here with the bear, is not included. We would miss her.

Short-faced Bear Skull


Shark Jaws & Teeth

On display in our showroom is our Megalodon Shark Jaw recreation which is available with 3, 4, or 5 rows of teeth. We have a range of shark teeth and jaws available separately, both extinct and extant. A Great White Shark Jaw, set inside the megalodon, gives a sense of scale to the fossil. At bottom left is a plaque with fossilized Whorltooth Shark Teeth.

Shark Jaws


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