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August 2018 Newsletter


Medical Quality Casts
Advanced and Clinical Anatomy, Physical Therapy




Flexible Human Child Vertebral Column

Flexible Human Child Vertebral Column with Sacrum and Coccyx


August - As the summer peaks and we head towards fall and the start of a new school year, we are thinking of our friends and customers in medical education.

We produce many specialized specimens for educators in Clinical Anatomy, Advanced Anatomy, Medical Study and Physical Therapy (and even have categories devoted to those fields of study).

The pictured vertebral columns child (with sacrum and coccyx) left, and adult female (with pelvis), right, exhibit realistic flexibilty, and were designed in response to the expressed needs of those in the physical therapy field. Adult male vertebral column with magnetic pelvis also available.


Articulated Human Skeletons


Disarticulated Human Skeletons


Half and Partial Human Skeletons


Our line of human skeletons includes hard-to-find specimens, such as fetal, child, adolescent, and European male and European female, and are available articulated, disarticulated, and half and partial. Individual bones from each are also available; see the 'group' tab on each product's page.

For those who require more economical and compact study aids, we have created bone boxes: partial skeletons of child, male and female housed in a durable, archival storage and transportation container.


Male Bone Box

Male Bone Box with Carry Case


Flexible Adult Human Female Vertebral Column with Pelvis

Flexible Adult Human Female Vertebral Column with Pelvis





Calvarium Cut Skulls and Skull Sets


Human Female & Male Calvarium Cut Skulls Human 1-year-old Child Skull Human Fetal Skull, 40 Weeks Human Adolescent Skull Human Male Asian Skull

Human Female and Male European
Calvarium Cut Skulls Comparison Set


Human Child Skull 1-year-old with Calvarium Cut

Fetal Human Skull 40 weeks (full term) with Calvarium Cut

Human Adolescent Skull with Calvarium Cut

Human Male Asian Skull with Calvarium Cut




Human Medical Study Skull with Carry Case

Our Human Medical Study Skull, available articulated and disarticulated, is an invaluable learning and reference tool for appreciating anatomical landmarks and cranial morphology, with attention to individual bones, sutures, and bristle-patent foramina which make student exploration of perforating cranial nerve branches and blood vessels possible.

Please note that the articulated skull does not disarticulate beyond what is shown, and that the disarticulated skull is not intended to be articulated. See our Advanced Anatomy category for individual bones from this skull and more...

Human Medical Study Skull, Articulated


Human Medical Study Skull, Disarticulated




Also popular: our adult individual cranial bones in clear boxes (individual sphenoid, ethmoid, temporal, or set of all 3). Fetal examples of these bones in plastic case are also available.


Human Sphenoid, Ethmoid, and Temporal Bone Set
in individual plastic cases



Human Sphenoid, Ethmoid, and Temporal Bone Set


Human Sphenoid Bone
in plastic case



Human Sphenoid


Human Ethmoid Bone in plastic case


Human Ethmoid


Human Temporal Bone in plastic case


Human Temporal Bone


Quality Replicas for Hands-on Learning™



We invite you to explore our website, or, if you prefer, the online PDFs of our printed catalogs.
Please note that our newer products are only viewable online - please see our New Products category.

Catalog of Human Anatomy PDF
Catalog of Zoological Anatomy PDF



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