October 2018 Newsletter
Introducing the category: K-12 Education
Come visit us in November at the CAST and NABT conferences
Lately we've noticed a significant increase in inquiries regarding material suitable to meet local, state and federal education guidelines (STEM, STEAM, and NGSS). To make relevant material easier to find, we've created a new category within our "Fields of Study" menu: K-12 Education. Within are tools for teaching: products, sets (some with lesson plans) and a printout about limbs (with more to come) that we hope you will find useful to illustrate a wide range of scientific and artistic concepts.
Our most popular teaching aids...
There is something memorable about handling an object. Its physical presence -- its size as compared to our own body or to another specimen, its weight, how it feels -- makes a lasting impression. Bone Clones® in the classroom engages students' natural curiosity and desire to participate; in our experience, people of all ages want to touch and examine our replica skulls, skeletons and individual bones of animals, humans, and hominids. It is one of the reasons that we started our company: to provide specimens that would excite the next generation of naturalists and biological scientists. Our custom formulated resin was designed for maximum detail retention as well as durability to withstand years of hands-on learning. Educators in many areas of study and in many disciplines have found Bone Clones® to be useful, and we have designated several categories in our "Fields of Study" menu to make finding relevant products easy.
The K-12 Education category contains economy products, North American animals, fossils, birds, teeth, eggs, primates, pathology examples, dental examples, human, hominid and animal sets designed with value in mind. Our sets feature both comparative specimens and multiple specimens from a single species. Some of our products include reports or lesson plans, and measurement tools, while some are solely replica osteological material, with suggestions for study topics within their description. We've designed a printable pdf (more to come) using Bone Clones® forelimbs to explore concepts that can be explored using the pentadactyl tetrapod body plan. Due to requests, measurement tools may be purchased individually.
We hope you find Bone Clones® useful in the classroom for teaching  scientific concepts such as biological evolution, divergence/convergence, analogy/homology, natural vs. artificial selection, ecological relationships, anatomical differences and similarities, data interpretation and analysis, and evidence-based explanations. 
Three products that have been popular with K-12 educators
Come visit us at CAST AND NABT!

We are exhibiting at two upcoming educator conferences this November: the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching and the National Association of Biology Teachers Conference. If you are attending either conference, stop by our booth to say hi!
CAST 2018
(Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching)
Nov. 1st–3rd
Booth 1623
Fort Worth Convention Center
NABT 2018:
(National Association of Biology Teachers)
Nov. 8th–9th
Booth 301
Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina
San Diego
Bone Clones, Inc. in the Community
In our continued effort to provide the academic and scientific community with the finest in osteological replicas, we are proud to participate in local events in schools, universities and museums in Southern California as part of community outreach. Our goal is to inspire and motivate students and interested persons to pursue their interests in science by providing exposure to the world of bones and osteology. With over 2500 osteological replicas ranging from humans to komodo dragons to fossil hominids, we hope to inspire interest in the form and function of the skeletal system.
The photograph above was taken during Long Beach Career Day Event (June 2017). Bone Clones presented a table full of skeletal replicas, where research specialist Michelle Tabencki demonstrated the differences in skulls between human males and females, specifically the mastoid process size relative to males and females. Students were encouraged to "feel" their own mastoid process behind their ears.
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