January 2019 Newsletter: Human Anatomy - Back to Basics
First, A big thank you to all our customers – longstanding and new.
A New Year, new beginnings, a new semester ... new specimens for your classroom?
As 2019 commences, our thoughts turn to courses in human anatomy, and the importance of having fine specimens that clearly demonstrate osteological landmarks to show differences and similarities between ages, sex, and geographical ancestry.

We offer a broad range of replica skeletal material, perfect for college and university settings. Our Human Anatomy category includes skeletons ranging in age from fetal, to 5-year-old child, adolescent, and adult, including male and female of both European and Asian descent. Our male and female European skeletons (pictured) feature bones which are all associated from a single individual. All of our complete skeletons are available articulated, disarticulated, and half-disarticulated.
Hands & Feet Configurations
The hands and feet of our disarticulated skeletons may be ordered in 4 configurations: Premium (flexible), Rigid, Semi-articulated and Disarticulated. You may substitute standard configuration hands and feet with the articulation of your choice. Please see our website for prices.
Also available are a Beauchene Hand, Beauchene Foot and a Magnetic Hand and Magnetic Foot.
Bone Box Kits
Additionally, we have created economical sets of selected bones – Bone Boxes – each of which come with a convenient storage and carrying case. Our bone box kits include long bones, the fifth rib, key vertebrae, rigidly articulated hand and foot, hyoid, clavicle, scapula, sternum plate, innominate, sacrum, coccyx and patella. (All paired bones are from the left side of the skeleton.). Adult Male, Adult Female and Child Bone Boxes are available. As always, individual postcranial bones from all skeletons may be ordered.
A collection of bones from an adult female skeleton (greater than 35 years of age).

In addition to these associated bones, the kit also provides an exceptionally detailed skull featuring a removable calvarium and spring hinged jaw.

This set is detailed enough to offer an excellent model for teaching introductory anatomy to medical, dental, nursing, and undergraduate anatomy students. An economical alternative to the purchase of an entire skeleton or half skeleton. Includes carrying and storage case, not shown.
A collection of bones from a 5-year-old child skeleton.

In addition to these associated bones, the kit also provides an exceptionally detailed skull featuring a removable calvarium and spring hinged jaw.

The bones (some with epiphyses and diaphyses separated) may be used for understanding bone formation and growth, noting differences in the child and adult skeletons, and recognizing juvenile bones for forensic purposes (as well as differentiating them from non-human animals of similar size).
All Bone Clones® skeletons are sole source and manufactured in Chatsworth, California. We take great care to retain necessary detail for a product "virtually indistinguishable from the original™" If you are looking to begin or to expand your collection of educational specimens, we hope you will welcome us into your classroom.
Skulls for Advanced Anatomy
We manufacture an extraordinarily large selection of highly detailed skulls and cranial elements for the study of advanced anatomy, including male, female, examples of differing ages (including fetal) and geographical ancestry. Also available are skulls featuring evidence of pathology and trauma. Please see our website for additional products.
This skull of a probable young adult female is finely detailed, showing all the foramina, canals, sutures and minute details of a real skull.

Bones include parietals, occipital, frontal, atypical wormian bones, temporals, sphenoid, ethmoid, nasal conchae, zygomatics, nasals, palatines, lacrimals, maxillae, vomer, mandible, partial maxilla and mandible with removable teeth.

An osteological report containing 2 charts and an 8 1/2" x 11" poster, and a premium custom case, lined with foam for protection and archival durability (shown) are included.
This medical quality sagittal cut skull with the right hemisphere of the brain is a superior educational tool, allowing educators/clinicians to focus attention on the interior of the cranium.

The precise detail of the skull led one customer to say that the foramen and other channels or sinuses are better preserved in this reproduction than they are in many natural bone specimens. The brain too exhibits a level of accuracy and detail that make it ideal for anatomy instruction. This skull, with each bone labeled, follows the color scheme used in Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy.

Display Stand (shown) Included
A large, wonderful calvarium cut reference skull. This human male skull illustrates with detail and accuracy the major osteological structures, both internal and external. Some notable features are the well-defined "crisp" metopic suture, spring hinged jaw, and removable skull cap, which allows students to examine the internal structure of the skull. This set includes a cast of a real brain set perfectly inside the skull which allows for hands-on study, as well as a convenient, durable display stand built to cradle the skull. Also available without brain and stand (BC-092).

3-part skull (cranium, jaw, and calvarium cap connected with removable hardware). Stand included.
Two of our finest specimens (offered at a savings when purchased as a set), both are exceptional high quality skulls, with all external and internal osteological structure and detail accurately reproduced, including internasal and median palatine sutures, foramen lacerum, foramen spinosum, foramen ovale, stylomastoid foramen, anterior and posterior ethmoidal foramen, and the foramina of the cribriform plate. Other details include the dorsum sellae and a clear distinction between the superior-posterior vomer and the body of the sphenoid.

3-part skulls (cranium, jaw, and calvarium cap connected with removable hardware). Stands available separately.
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