February 2019 Newsletter - Paleontology

The hidden gems. Our numerous paleontological specimens have been sourced from around the world and feature ice age mammal skeletons and skulls (including a third-scale version of our ever-popular Sabertooth Cat), scale T-rex skulls, Megalodon Shark Teeth, and more.

We hope you will enjoy browsing to find the hidden gems for your collection.
Sarcosuchus imperator
BC-156 Supercroc Skull

Sarcosuchus imperator (flesh eating crocodile), nicknamed supercroc, lived during the Cretaceous period (65 - 144 MYA). The particular specimen that we cast from was discovered by Giancarlo Ligabue in the 1970s in the Tenere Desert region of the Sahara Desert in Niger.
Smilodon fatalis (californicus)
Sabertooth Cat, Smilodon Skull, 1:3 Scale
Dinictis felina
Dinictis Skull
Eremotherium eomigrans
Giant Ground Sloth Claw on Display Stand
Castoroides ohioensis
Giant Fossil Beaver Skull Antique Finish
Set of 6 Fossil Hominid Tools from East Africa (4 Oldowan, 2 Acheulean)
"Lucy" Skull (dark finish)
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