April 2019 Newsletter
Science & Art in Education
The products found in our K-12 menu category meet many of the Next Generation Science Standards for middle and high school science courses, including biological evolution and natural selection. More and more, teachers are using the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math concepts and Next Generation Science Standards guidelines to teach students teamwork, stimulate creativity, and attack real-life problem-solving skills to ensure their success in school and beyond.
In visual arts curriculum, Bone Clones® can be used for students to analyze form and its depiction in drawing and sculpting, as material for still life compositions, and as comparative anatomical reference for students' own depictions of animals. Bone Clones® skulls and postcranial parts can be used to enrich student's knowledge of how underlying form pertains to living animals, to compare historic and cultural uses of bone material for artistic purposes, and to teach about careers as scientific illustrators, and film or fine artists.

Bone Clones® can be useful in satisfying some of the national and state requirements of the Next Generation Science Standards, The National Visual Arts Standards, and State Standards for Arts Education.
Tools for educators:
to fulfill Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math guidelines and Next Generation Science Standards in K-12 education
A few products selected from our K-12 menu category

Created to meet many High School Curricula requirements
Sharks, Rays, Fish, & Squid, Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds
COMP-117 Human Femur Growth Set
BC-351 Snowy Owl
BC-347 American Red Squirrel
COMP-118 Human Growth Set
SC-344-185-A Large Dog Hindpaw
BC-346 Colobus Monkey
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