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Our thoughts turn to outdoor activities and animals you might see in nature:
• Birds of Prey • Reptiles & Amphibians • Aquatic Animals •
Bone Clones® you might find in a Discovery Center near you!

Hawks, owls, eagles, and other raptors! Birds of prey are spectacular and efficient hunters.

Check out our category of birds (skulls, skeletons, talons, and eggs) to add to your collection.

We've got alligators, crocodiles, snakes, lizards, turtles, & frogs !

Check out our category of coldblooded critters from around the world!

These animals live in and around water sources such as lakes, rivers, marshes, ponds, oceans and seas.

From platypus to crocodile, aquatic animals include mammals, fish, lizards, birds, & amphibians!
Bone Clones® you might find at a Discovery Center near you!
Bone Clones® quality at an economical price
Our goal with this series is to produce affordable replicas so that a new generation of nature enthusiasts can learn about animals and anatomy.
• Economy North American animal sets •
• select hominids • forensic sets and human skulls • zoological economy skulls •
Some examples of products within our economy series category:

Mystery Bone Boxes contain a miscellaneous collection of seconds: specimens that may be
un-tooled, partially painted, or discontinued. The objects included are randomly chosen, packed and sealed beforehand.

Bone Clones, Inc. has created a set of four mammal skulls from our economy collection that can be used to identify, compare, and contrast the characteristics and features that help to place an animal skull into a dietary group. Featuring four types of dietary classifications, the set can be used to explore a range of concepts, from scientific to artistic.

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