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After deliberate consideration of our employees' health and safety, we are carefully returning to work, albeit with a reduced crew and following CDC's safety guidelines. As always, our customers' needs - especially those in the medical and educational fields - remain a priority.

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Printable Handouts
For those finding themselves at home, Bone Clones® printable handouts are valuable educational tools which illustrate comparative anatomy between a variety of different species. In these guides, we compare the forelimbs, hands, and feet of many different species, identifying how they have adapted to different environments and modes of locomotion.
Advanced Anatomy
Bone Clones, Inc. produces a collection of medical quality casts especially for educators and practitioners in the medical community. We mold and cast only from first quality originals that meet our exacting criteria (in terms of size, dentition, age, and general condition of the bone elements). This process, coupled with our custom-formulated resin, allows us to produce replicas that reveal realistic, accurate detail. Our collection includes medical quality skulls (e.g., calvarium, craniometric landmark, color-coded 7-piece, 22-piece cranial bones), medical quality skeletons and half skeletons (from fetal to adult), cranial bones (e.g., temporal, ethmoid, ossicles), teeth, postcranial bones (e.g., pelvis, joints, vertebral columns, feet, hands), and comparative sets.
Osteological Evaluation Reports
Reports: Human Analysis - Bone Clones is pleased that informative evaluation reports have been produced for most of our human skeletons, skulls and postcranial items. These reports were created by Evan Matshes, M.D, human osteology consultant and co-author of Human Osteology and Skeletal Radiology, Karen Ramey Burns, Ph.D., forensic anthropologist and author of Forensic Anthropology Training Manual, or Tori D. Randall, Ph.D., biological anthropologist and assistant professor of anthropology at San Diego City College. These reports contain sections (where appropriate) regarding general characteristics of the specimen, for example, degree of sutural fusion, shape and configuration of the skull, and description of the dentition. Included also are sections concerning the age, sex and race of the specimen with a clear indication of the non-metric measures that went into the determination (or inability to make a determination) of such. Pathologic or traumatic features are also explored, and, in some cases, illustrative photographs provided. In addition, the reports contain suggestions for educational use in both the forensic and anatomy instructional settings, including appropriate teaching points as well as caveats. Should you have questions or comments regarding the reports, please contact us at
Newsletter Archive
We began archiving our newsletters April 2015, upon the launch of our then redesigned website and continue to send newsletters several times a year.

We hope you will find topics of interest within our archive.

Topics covered: Aquatic (our most recent before this one), Forensic Osteology, The Need for Speed, Science & Art in Education, Zoology, Anthropology, Paleontology, Human Anatomy, K-12 Education, Advanced Anatomy & Physical Therapy, Endangered Species, Paleontology, Bioarchaeology, Comparative Economy Sets, Osteology of the Skull, Dentition, 3D Printing & Scanning, Pathology, Trauma, Ancestry, Hominids, Birds, Anatomy for the Artist, Head and Neck...
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