Four New Education Sets
Gunshot Wound Set

This collection of specimens was designed to showcase projectile trauma. The skulls included with this set exhibit classic entry and exit wounds, multiple gunshot wounds and a shot gun wound. A rib with an imbedded bullet shows non-fatal wound, evidenced by healing at the site of injury. A set of skull fragments accompanies this set to serve as a reference to the different types of projectile and blunt force injuries one may encounter.
Pathology & Trauma Set

This collection of specimens was designed to showcase different types of trauma that can affect the femur. The femur is the strongest bone in the human body, yet it can sustain significant injury and pathology. Included in this set are femoral fractures: one exhibits a classic butterfly fracture, another exhibits evidence of extensive healing at the head and neck of the femur, and one showcases extensive healing of the end of the femur after a comminuted fracture. One of our most impressive pieces is a femur illustrating the impact of osteosarcoma. This malignant tumor has enveloped the upper half of the bone in a billowy mass of spongy bone, destroying much of the original structure.
Amputation Set

This collection of specimens features examples of different types of bone amputation. Amputation is the removal of a limb by trauma, medical illness, or surgery. The usual bone response to this results in well healed ends and callus development, however bone growths can occur in response to change in function after amputation.
Human Skull Growth Set

This collection of specimens was designed to show the growth of the human skull, from a 40-week-old human to an elderly human. Growth in the skull can be observed in several ways; tooth formation, tooth loss, suture closure, and exostosis (benign bone growths) due to advancing age. This set would be valuable to those interested in examining the changes that occur in the skull as we age.
As always, we strive to develop and produce high-quality and useful materials to assist in educating the next generation of scientists, doctors, and explorers.

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