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Human Anatomy
Bone Clones, Inc. produces a collection of high-quality casts of human skeletons for educators and practitioners in medicine, physical therapy, physical anthropology, comparative anatomy, and biomechanics.

We mold and cast only from first quality originals (natural bone) using custom-formulated resin to produce replicas that reveal realistic, accurate detail.
Our collection includes medical quality skulls (e.g., calvarium, color-coded 7-piece, 22-piece cranial bones), medical quality skeletons (fetal, child, adolescent, and adult specimens including European, female and male), cranial bones (e.g., temporal, ethmoid, ossicles) postcranial bones (e.g., pelvis, joints, vertebral columns, teeth, feet, hands), and comparative sets.

Most of our human skeletons come with an analysis report reviewing the age, sex, ancestry, and other noteworthy characteristics of the specimen with a clear indication of the assessments that went into the determination (or inability to make a determination) of such.

View our extensive collection of human skeletons - fetal, child, adolescent, and adult specimens.
Human Male Asian Disarticulated

(Shown, left) This is an excellent example of an adult male skeleton. Features of the pelvis (the most reliable indicator of sex) are consistent with a determination of male. Determination of stature (based on measurements of the long bones in the right arm and leg) suggest that the individual stood between 5' 8" to 6' 1 1/2". For an additional $40, we can substitute the skull with a Calvarium Cut Skull (SC-092-DH already comes with one). Please add this to the comments section during the order process.

Premium Carrying Case for Human Skeleton or Multiple Skulls
The Premium Carrying Case for Human Skeleton or Multiple Skulls is a high-quality storage and transportation unit made with sturdy plywood, lined with foam, and covered with tough vinyl. Chrome hardware on each corner provides first-rate reinforcement, and metal buckle clasps and lock assure closure and security.

The case will fit all of our adult disarticulated human skeletons and postcranial bones. In addition, the case with its multiple divisions will fit any six of our modern human and fossil hominid skulls as well as many of our primate skulls. Special handling fees apply
Human Head & Neck
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Clear comprehension of the composition of head and neck anatomy is vitally important for practicing clinicians and physicians. This category is specially directed to those needing specific bony elements of the head and neck for study or demonstration.

Bone Clones, Inc. produces skulls, mandibles, cranial elements including examples of dentition, examples of trauma and pathology, and brain hemispheres and sections, bones of the human neck from European Male and Female adult, 5-year-old human child and 14 to 16-month-old child.
Disarticulated Human Medical Study Skull BC-191-D

This skull of a probable young adult female is finely detailed, showing all the foramina, canals, sutures and minute details of a real skull. A report by Dr. Boaz titled "Osteological Tracing of Cranial Nerves" is available for print and download.

"This skull is ideal for osteological teaching. It allows the student to appreciate the individual bones, the sutures between the bones, and the foramina of the skull. All foramina are bristle-patent, making student exploration of perforating cranial nerve branches and blood vessels possible..." - Noel T. Boaz, Ph.D., M.D., Professor of Anatomy
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