INTRODUCING: Bone Clones® 3D OsteoViewer™
Recognizing the need for advanced distance learning tools and the need for students to access class materials on their digital devices, Bone Clones created and is pleased to introduce select virtual Bone Clones® models for the classroom which are accessible through our new digital media viewing tool:
The Bone Clones® 3D OsteoViewer™

Our new Bone Clones® 3D OsteoViewer™ category of 3D models features a wide variety of our casts: modern humans, hominins, non-human primates,
and examples of trauma.
The Bone Clones® 3D OsteoViewer™ is a digital media platform designed to view and rotate 3D models of selected Bone Clones® casts on any digital device. This viewer allows for a 360-degree examination of individual skulls as well as a side by side human comparison skull for non-human primates and hominins. Each of the skulls is the same in scale and is horizontally aligned to the comparison skull on the Frankfort Horizontal plane. Anyone interested in skull morphology, comparative anatomy and hominin evolution will find this App useful in understanding these concepts.
Please watch the demonstration for features of the Bone Clones® 3D OsteoViewer™
A few examples of our physical casts and virtual models.
An educator may choose to use a physical cast for lectures and the Bone Clones® 3D OsteoViewer™ for student assignments and home study.
Physical Cast
Chimpanzee Skull, Adult Male
Virtual Model
Chimpanzee Skull, Adult Male
Physical Cast
Virtual Model
Physical Cast
Virtual Model
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