Wildlife Skull Identification Lab Kit

Bone Clones, Inc. quality replica skulls - KIMSeattle lesson plan

Wildlife Forensics is a rapidly expanding field of science. It combines a simple appreciation of the natural world with the protection of all living things from smuggling, poaching, environmental pollution, climate change, and other losses of biodiversity caused by irresponsible activities of our own species.


This scenario-based learning lab lends awareness to a multitude of zoology-related careers, not typically recognized by students.


Students learn how to examine and identify wildlife skulls and document their findings of evidence so it can be reliably communicated to a court of law, skills necessary in the field of wildlife forensics..

Materials Included

This lab contains supplies for 9 lab groups of three students, each.

  • 9 Bone Clones® replica skulls of north American animals (6 mammals, 3 birds)
  • 9 Precision curved calipers, 12”
  • 6 Vernier Calipers
  • 1 Teacher’s guide
  • 1 Dichotomous Key
  • 1 Student Protocols

Bone Clones, Inc. in collaboration with  KIMSeattle CAREER-CONNECTED CLASSROOM™

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