Forensic Osteology

Forensic osteology is the study of bones in the medico-legal setting. Specialists, such as forensic anthropologists, use their knowledge of forensic osteology to determine sex, ancestry, stature, identifying characteristics, approximate age at death and possible cause of death. Evidence of trauma and/or illness can also provide valuable clues. Osteology plays a significant role in identifying remains encountered at crime scenes and war-devastated regions all over the world. Bone Clones has been able to use its expertise in reproducing the finest details of skeletonized material to create Forensiclones™ a collection of skulls and skeletons that are specifically suited for this area of study. These replicas, cast from original natural bone material that experts have analyzed, can help in understanding events that transpired with no reliable witnesses to shed light on them.

For the classroom and in the field

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