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SC-183 Group Product Info


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Human 5-year-old Child Skeleton, Articulated
SC-183-A $2,363.00

(Stand and Base Included)

The value of a high-quality cast of juvenile skeleton for laboratory teaching purposes is inestimable given that such skeletons are rarely included in research collections. Our 5-year-old skeleton (SC-183-A or SC-183-D) is produced from the skeleton of an average 5-year-old. Age is confirmed by the pattern of tooth eruption and the developmental age of individual bones. The reproduction of this skeleton includes all of the primary and secondary centers of ossification which demonstrate sufficient morphological detail to be isolated, recognized, and identified out of anatomical context. For an additional $39, we can substitute the skull with a Calvarium Cut Skull BC-188. Please add this to the comments section during the order process, or call our toll free number, 800-914-0091, to order. We are grateful to the San Diego Museum of Man for granting us permission to cast this unique specimen. An osteological evaluation report is available for print and download here: SC-183-A-report.

All individual postcranial bones are also available, see the SC-183 Group Page.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Homo sapiens SC-183-A 37" tall $2,363.00
TOTAL 2,363.00