Bone Clones Incorporated
July 2015 Newsletter

Bones - whether individually or collectively fascinate us. They are the basis for understanding underlying structures of human and animal anatomy, and seem to portend secrets we are eager to discover. It is clear that both artists and scientists feel compelled to explore skeletal structures to further their inherent interests - scientific or artistic - and that at times these interests intersect.

To address the ever growing interest in osteological anatomy by artists working in many medium, a separate category under Fields of Study, "Anatomy for the Artist" shows a selection of products we think might be of interest to those who draw, paint, collage, sculpt or "ruminate" on the intricacies of form and texture of bony surfaces. (Feel free to navigate our entire site)

New Category Anatomy for Artists

A $20 coupon is in effect until August 5th for orders of $100 and up (excluding ship charges) from the Anatomy for the Artist category listing. Use Code ART15 in the comment box when ordering and the $20 will be discounted when we process your order.

At Bone Clones, there is always something new... a cast in our custom resin, based on a CT scan and 3D printing of a human hand, KO-391, is from the same hand we produced as a life-cast, LC-17. The detail of the CT scan has captured some unique features, such as the sesamoid bones.

For avid herpetologists - especially those interested in the deserts of Southwestern United States and northern Mexico - we added an amazing life cast of a Gila Monster (LC-270) Incredibly beautiful, realistic, and affordable.

And for our Australian friends, two new Marsupial skulls in exemplary Bone Clones® quality - the Red Kangaroo and the Wombat.

Now in mid-summer mode, we hope you are having a good one and staying cool! We will be in touch again soon.