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December 2015 Newsletter

As we turn the corner into fall and winter with their respite of cooler weather, opportunities to visit with friends & family, and traditions of giving, our thanks go out to our customers, who continue to inspire and support us.

We've enjoyed seeing many of you at the conferences we've attended this year: NABT, AACA, AAPA, SAA, and AAFS, and look forward to seeing you next year.*

Bone Boxes

This year we've once again added a large number of products. We'd like to give special thanks to those who have loaned us their original natural bone material for the opportunity to cast some truly wonderful specimens: a plethora of new birds, cats, a new sloth, marsupials, Gila Life Cast, Javan Rhino, Pathology & Trauma and Sets & Series specimens, hominids.and more.

Turning our attention to the season of giving, we are offering:

Free Ground Shipping (Nov 27- Dec 6)
(Shipping charge will be removed when order is processed)

We've provided a link below to a curated page of Natural History Gift Ideas, as well as links to some of our more popular gift items, which include dramatic fossil cats, bears, and beaver, two T-Rex Scale sculptures, and our new Mystery Box, which we think is a great gift for the teacher in your life.

Natural History Gift Ideas
BC-018T CN-01 BC-114
BC-019T MB-01 BC-132
BC-071T CN-02-A BC-019

... Not sure which specimen is on their wish list ...

Our E-gift certificate option makes giving easy



NABT - National Association of Biology Teachers
AACA - American Association of Clinical Anatomists
AAPA - American Association of Physical Anthropologists
SAA - Society for American Archaeology
AAFS - American Academy of Forensic Sciences