Bone Clones Incorporated
March 2016 - Special Event Announcement

Again we venture into new territory. This month we are delighted to announce a new collaborative project between the Jane Goodall Foundation, artist Gino Acevedo, and ourselves.

Bone Clones is proud to present this unique collectible:

Jane Goodall and Chimpanzee "Hand-in-Hand"

Life Cast on Base - Limited Edition of 200 personally hand-signed by Dr. Jane Goodall, and individually numbered.

Last year our friend Gino Acevedo, who is a creative art director and visual effects artist best known for his work on the Lord of the Rings films, approached us with a proposal: would we be interested in producing a life-cast statue of Jane Goodall and a chimpanzee - specifically, her hand holding a chimpanzee's hand - to help raise money for her foundation?

Jane Goodall, legendary icon, primatologist, conservationist, and arguably the most influential scientist to ever study animal behavior, had already put her enthusiastic support behind the project.

Our answer was yes!

Jane Goodall and Chimpanzee Hand-in-Hand Life Cast

50% of the sales goes to support the Jane Goodalll Institute

Consider donating one to your favorite zoo, conservation group, or natural history museum.

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