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June 2016 Newsletter

Advanced Anatomy Products

American Association of Clinical Anatomists (AACA) June 13 - 16
Hosted by the University of California, San Francisco in Oakland, California


Skeletons: Articulated, Disarticulated, Half and Individual Postcranial Elements
Bone BoxesPhysical Therapy FootSagittal-cut Skull with Brain

June - We look forward to seeing those of you who will be at the AACA conference this year.

Articulated Skeletons Human Foot Joint

We support and encourage the advancement of education, research and scholarship in osteology and advanced anatomy, and love speaking with the many dedicated educators who are passionate about sharing their knowledge of advanced anatomy with their students. In fact, several popular Bone Clones® products have been sparked by ideas and suggestions from AACA members.

Bone Boxes

With complex availability, health, ethical and legal issues surrounding the use of natural bone material, teaching institutions continue to turn to replicas for elemental as well as advanced instruction in anatomy. Bone Clones, Inc. produces an extensive (and ever-growing) selection of advanced anatomy skulls, skeletons and postcranial parts ranging from prenatal to elderly, covering sex and ancestry differences, and including many example specimens of trauma and pathology.

Skeletons - Disarticulated and Half Color-coded Half-skull

As in the past, we anticipate returning from this conference with new product ideas to help in the education of advanced skeletal anatomy.

Until next time ...