Bone Clones Incorporated

September 2015 Newsletter

We often mention the fact that replicating Endangered animals was an initial goal of our company, which began with the cast of a gorilla skull BC-001. Twenty years and a couple thousand products later, we decided to go back and identify the EN species in our product line and bring some attention to them. We identified a couple hundred items and created a new Category called Endangered Species. Species classified as Endangered (EN) are "in danger" of becoming extinct, but it is hoped that vigilant surveillance and awareness will prevent it.

New Decor Category

Two other sub-categories were recently added and introduced on our site. Selected items that make interesting display for home or office are found in the D├ęcor section, and a selection of skulls and skeletons are gathered for artist's consideration in the Anatomy for the Artist section.

This summer we worked on and introduced 4 new zoological skulls: Ocelot BC-239, Griffon Vulture BC-337, Three-toed sloth BC-336, Red Kangaroo BC-328. From a bird found in Europe and Central Asia to a Kangaroo in Australia and two species from Central and South America, we continue to produce osteological reproductions of animals that populate the globe.

On our home page you will be able to find numerous major categories and sub-categories. Each category will open up to show products -whether it be skulls, skeletons, post cranial bones, claws, teeth - within the category. The selection is endless. Don't forget to use the search bar if you have a specific interest. We hope to hear from you.