Economy North American Mammal Skulls

Bone Clones® quality at an economical price. Our goal with this series is to produce affordable replicas so that a new generation of nature enthusiasts can learn about animals and anatomy. While care is taken to ensure the major features of the skull are preserved, the small details of the neural passages may not be opened, making it possible to produce a more economical replica that is still an excellent teaching aide. In many cases, we have also introduced the claws of the corresponding species (Click Here). We think these will be a useful addition to the teaching repertoire of any teacher of young students. We also have four-piece economical human comparative sets useful in basic anatomy and Forensic courses (Click Here).

    All items sold on this website are replicas and are 1:1 scale unless stated otherwise. All Bone Clones® products are made in the USA. No real/natural bone is available on this site.    

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