Human Skeletons

Bone Clones, Inc. produces an extraordinary selection of human skeleton models with an advanced level of osteological accuracy and detail, making them a viable alternative to natural bone. These skeletons are being used in medical schools in lieu of real skeletons, which are difficult and costly to obtain. Bone Clones® selection of human skeletons include fetal, child, adolescent, and adult specimens. All skeletons are cast from original bone. They are available articulated and disarticulated, as well as partial skeletons.  Individual postcranial bones for each skeleton are available. A listing of them can be found, and ordered, on the “group” tab on the product page for each skeleton.  Most of our human skeletons come with an analysis report reviewing the age, sex, ancestry, and other noteworthy characteristics of the specimen with a clear indication of the assessments that went into the determination (or inability to make a determination) of such. Please see our Osteological Evaluation Reports Category for a complete list of these items.

    All items sold on this website are replicas and are 1:1 scale unless stated otherwise. All Bone Clones® products are made in the USA. No real/natural bone is available on this site.