Site Introduction

      All items sold on this website are reproductions (replicas). All Bone Clones® products are made in the USA. No real or natural bone material is available on this site.      



We'd like to introduce you to our new website.

Our goal for this redesign is to help you navigate through our products more easily. We hope you can find what you are looking for quickly and intuitively, and we also hope you'll explore and discover!

We've changed our layout and added a host of features designed to help you navigate, search, filter, and find the items you are interested in more easily. Most of our items can be categorized under several different characteristics, and we have added categories to reflect this.

We welcome your comments and suggestions as we iron out the inevitable wrinkles of such a major change.


Features We've Added or Changed:



•    HOME PAGE: At the top and bottom of the screen, you'll see our logo. Click this from any page of the site to return to the home page.
•    SEARCH BAR: Our search bar remains... we've added suggestion dropdowns to help you find exactly what you're looking for.
•    MENUS: Top "Main Category" menus with dropdown and expandable Sub-category menus.
•    CATEGORIES: We've refined our Categories and added Sub-categories.
On the left side of Category and Sub-category landing pages. Selections duplicate the dropdown menu, including expandable Sub-categories.
•    FILTERS: We've added filters so you can refine your searches, available in many Categories. As an example, in "Human Skulls", filter options include Geographic Ancestry and Sex.
•    GROUPS: We have added a group page for products which can be ordered in multiple articulations or which have constituent parts that can also be ordered separately. Multiple items can be ordered or wishlisted from a Product Group page.




We've organized our product pages to show a larger image of each product, as well as multiple views when available. As always, the scientific name, catalog number, size, and price are listed. In addition to product information, many products feature a Group Tab. This means that additional products or configurations are available, such as a skull, skeleton, elements, or individual parts of a set.

Because so many of our products can be used in conjunction with other categories of product, we've added  Tags,  Also See, and Related Product links to our Product Pages to help you find what you are looking for.

•    GROUP TAB: Some, but not all, products feature a GROUP TAB.  
The Group Page features products having multiple configurations or parts that can also be ordered individually directly from the Group Page. For example, many of our skeletons are available in three articulation states, with their constituent parts, postcranial elements, and individual bones available as separate products.
A small sampling of items related by differing characteristics, species, fields of study, etc. Found at the bottom of the Product Page, above the Footer.
•    TAGS:    A 'shortcut search' that returns multiple items having a similar characteristic, or belonging to a category or group as referenced in the Tag word.
•    ALSO SEE:   Directly related products. Individual members of sets, other finishes or articulations.
•    ACCESSORIES: Optional stands, bags, and carrying cases, easily selectable from the product's page.




•    GRID / LIST:   You can now see our product indexes in either grid or list layout. You can choose to see 30, 60, or 90 products per page.
•    QUICK VIEW: From a page with multiple products shown. Pop-up a snapshot of the product's page, with larger photos, product information, and navigation options.
•    LARGER VIEW: From the Product Page, clicking on a featured photo pops up a larger view without leaving the page.




•    CART: You can now add multiple products to the cart without leaving a page. You can add or remove a quantity of items from the cart.
•    YOUR
You can create an Account for faster checkout, to save your Wishlist or Shopping Cart, and to Subscribe to our Email Newsletters. Not required to place an order, nor for temporary Wishlists.
     / WISHLIST:
  We've added a favorites / wishlist button so you can create lists for yourself or you purchasing departments.
•    SHARING: We've added the ability to share our pages more easily.
Click on the  icon for additional options, including sharing a page or Wishlist via email.
•    PDF / FLIP
We've retained links to our PDF catalogs (Human and Zoological), which can be flipped through, searched, printed, and downloaded from within the document.
In concise list form, this searchable PDF tool, organized by Discipline and Type of Product, can help you quickly scan a large volume of our products.
•    PRINTING: We've added a printer icon  to product pages, and optimized them for printing.


What's Stayed the Same?


Our dedication to customer service, and to producing and offering the highest quality Osteological and related replicas available.

All Bone Clones® are manufactured in Chatsworth, CA - Made in the USA.

As always, you can contact us...



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