All items sold on this website are reproductions (replicas). All Bone Clones® products are made in the USA. No real or natural bone material is available on this site.      

Mark Meredith
Russellville High School, Arkansas

"I wanted to share with you what we've been able to accomplish here at Russellville High School using Bone Clone skulls. Our collection was 100% funded by outside sources via DonorsChoose fundraisers and grants. We utilize the skulls to bolster the study of evolutionary biology in both our tenth grade biology and advanced placement biology classes. I've been completely blown away at the quality of your company's work. Thank you so much for doing what you do."

January 11, 2018
"Zak here from Acid Customs. thank you to everyone at Bone Clones, i have my order in my hands , super fast shipment. super nice people and an amazing Skull!!
Thanks again people!
Zak Stovold

July 7, 2017
"Order came safely today, in perfect packing.
Excellent products.
2nd order pending.

Mark Dion
Artist – New York

"I look forward to another positive experience with your exceptional company."

April 9, 2015
"Thank you - BoneClones.com has been such a pleasure to deal with - we look forward to working together again in the near future and for a long, long time!
Sincerely – J.M "

Dr. Gordon Hubbell
Gainesville, Florida

"I received the polyurethane Whale Shark jaw in good condition. I have carefully examined it, and all I have to say is, 'Wow!' You did a fantastic job on this reproduction. I am especially impressed with how well the teeth came out. You have a crew of magicians out there, and they sure worked their magic with this jaw."

Dr. Gilles Cuny
The Natural History Museum of Denmark

"Very nice casts and I am really happy with them. You are going to make a real difference in my teaching."

Donna Koltash
Anatomy/Anthropology Instructor
Tom Savini's Special Make-up Effects Program
Douglas Education Center
Monessen, PA

"It has been a few years since I ordered my collection of 5 human skulls, which demonstrate gender, age, and racial criteria, from your company and use them to the delight of my students every semester. I have noted that you now include a PDF with each skull with its osteological descriptions. Nice touch. It puts you a step above the others. Bravo to your whole product line. Nothing else compares and I direct all inquiries that I receive about investing in skeletal anatomy from my students to Bone Clones."

Jill Shapiro
Department of Anthropology
Columbia University, New York

"Just wanted to let you know that the skulls arrived and the job that your team did is nothing short of miraculous. Thanks so much. I can't wait to use them. I can't think of another company that would consider making a cast of a particular primate simply because someone asked."

Phil Sary
Calistoga Jr/Sr High School

Part 1 Thank you so much; I really do appreciate all of the help you've given me in getting together a fantastic collection of materials that my kids not only learn a lot from but also enjoy. You would not believe the care that they take in handling the specimens and it is truly a joy to see them experiencing actually handling materials that they could otherwise only experience in pictures. You have helped me make science come alive for my kids. I have shared this 'stuff' with almost 3000 junior high and high school kids. Some have gone on to careers in science and they give credit to being exposed to my collection."
Part 2 "I received STS-52 and the left innominate of "Lucy." The STS-52 is absolutely incredible. Your products just keep getting better and better. Thanks again for your work; my kids really enjoy studying the collection. They say that it makes them feel like real scientists and they tell their friends from other schools about getting to work with the stuff. Some of them are amazed that other schools don't have this stuff. It rather reminds me of the incident where one of Darwin's sons, on visiting a friend's home, asked the friend, 'And where is your father's barnacle collection?'"

John Moore
Professor - Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Forensics
Natural Sciences Department
Parkland College

"Your company has been FANTASTIC to work with. The one time I had a problem - it was resolved in a timely fashion, and to my complete satisfaction! In 2006, we will start offering workshops in forensic osteology. Needless to say - I will be plugging Bone Clones whenever it is appropriate :)"

"Just a quick posting to let you know that the hand & foot bones arrived - and they are absolutely fantastic! They are EXACTLY what is needed for the types of labs we do, i.e., giving the students a pile of bones, and having them both ID and side the bones. MANY THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

David Tegg
Peoria, Il

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very very very pleased with the Narwhal Tusk that I received this week. The professionalism of your staff shows all the way through from order processing, the straight forward instructions enclosed for assembly, the expert packaging, and most certainly to the quality of the product itself.

There is of course a very strong "cool factor" involved here with your products, but none the less you pay a lot of attention to quality. In this instance, I would site not just the tusk itself, but also the shank, brass washers and nuts, and definitely the black walnut base which really compliments it.

I absolutely prefer to pay more for something that is really done well like this than to save money and get something shoddy. I have never had a bad experience with you and have never been disappointed with anything I've bought from you. Keep up the good work, and again thank you. I can't tell you what a pleasure it is to get something like this that exceeds my expectations in every way."

Peter Wagner
Herne, Germany

"The Atapuerca skull arrived today, it´s amazing! I really have to say, your hominid casts get better with every new one. The Neanderthal "Teshik Tash" Cast was already fantastic but this one is marvelous."

David C. Batten
Assistant Professor of Anthropology
Department of Anthropology and Applied Archaeology
Eastern New Mexico University

"We received the two skeletons last Thursday. We are very impressed. The detail is superb. I am particularly happy about the vertebrae of the female, showing the arthritis, and the pubic symphyses of both. The skulls are also remarkable. Thanks so much for your help on this and for your (and your staff's!) excellent work."

Jim Vanhollebeke
Canovan Research
Michigan, USA

"I have just received the two skulls (Turkana and bonobo) with stands. They are strikingly beautiful! The revised Turkana Homo ergaster is just perfect. Kudos to you and group!! I can never tell you how delighted I am."

"Your Dmanisi skull arrived yesterday. What an amazing fossil reproduction. I am more satisfied than I can express. (:)) I have now ordered the Skull stand that I should have ordered with it! Dave, thank you so much for all that you do. Your product HAS to be the best. I cannot IMAGINE anyone doing a better job!!"

Ronald Chavez, Principal
Blythe Middle School

"My name is Ronald E. Chavez and I am Principal at Blythe Middle School where Christine Pittman is a student. She was the recipient of a grizzly bear skull and replica of the brain for her science fair project. It is wonderful that you sponsor the recognition of student achievement. The entire staff and faculty want to thank you for your generous sponsorship of the program. Those responsible in your company for becoming involved in this worthy endeavor are to be congratulated."

Anne A. Hunter, M.D.
Boulder, Colorado

"I am absolutely thrilled! The pelvis "KO-178-P" just arrived today and it is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for all the time you and your company took with me to get this figured out. Your reproductions are excellent; your customer service has been responsive, gracious and helpful; and this specimen is magnificent -- as you promised it would be. Thanks again from me and all of my students."

"I find it amazing that a company on the other side of the planet can manage to get us our products quicker and with superior customer service than some local companies around the block from us!"