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      All items sold on this website are reproductions (replicas). All Bone Clones® products are made in the USA. No real or natural bone material is available on this site.      

Bone-Clone, Boneclone, BoneClone, Bone Clone, Bone Clones, and Bone-Clones Legal Notice.


Bone Clones® is a registered trademark of Bone Clones, Inc. and its predecessors, both in the United States and in other countries. This trademark may be used only with permission from Bone Clones, Inc. In addition, Bone Clones, Inc. owns rights under common law in the related marks including but not limited to "Bone Clones", "Bone Clone", "Boneclones", "Boneclone", "Bone-Clones" and "Bone-Clone." Fair use of these trademarks in advertising and promotion of Bone Clones, Inc. products requires proper acknowledgement.

Neither Bone Clones, Inc. nor Bone Clones® are affiliated with any other company claiming to be Bone Clones® or its related marks.


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Cloning is a biological process by which single cells are used to generate a population of identical cells with targeted genetic attributes. No exclusive rights are claimed in the use of the term in this sense. Bone Clones, Inc. does not use cloning in any form as part of its design or manufacturing processes.

Bone Clones, Inc. manufactures Bone Clones® high quality natural history replicas.

NOTE REGARDING USAGE OF 3D Technology / Duplications

As a condition of purchase, purchaser agrees to refrain from unauthorized 3-D scans or duplication of the Bone Clones® product. Any reproduction of this product in any form is forbidden by law, unless prior written permission has been obtained from Bone Clones, Inc. All rights reserved.


All Bone Clones® products are produced by Bone Clones, Inc. in the USA and are protected under State, Federal and International trademark laws. Photos, text, descriptions or casts cannot be reproduced without the written consent of Bone Clones, Inc.