Human Fetal Skeleton Full Term

The Disarticulated skeleton shown on the right is from a full term (10 lunar months) fetus. It was part of a medical examiner's comparative pathology collection before going to the Maxwell Museum and is remarkable in its completeness. Bone Clones® was able to reproduce every bone, small and large in precise detail. These bones were then meticulously reassembled to create the articulated version. This high-quality fetal skeleton should prove to be an invaluable addition to the human skeletal collections of any osteology/anthropology/forensics teaching or service laboratory, as understanding human skeletal morphology at various stages of development is critical. With SCM-186-A, we can substitute a skull with the calvarium cut BC-281 for $115. Please add this to the comments section during the order process, or call our toll free number, 800-914-0091, to order. We thank the Maxwell Museum for the opportunity to cast this skeleton.

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