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SC-092 Group Product Info
Human Male Asian Articulated Skeleton
SC-092-A $2,350.00

(Durable Stand on Wheels Included)

This is an excellent example of an adult male skeleton. With the diminished availability of natural bone skeletons, Bone Clones® products are increasingly used in advanced anatomical and osteological instruction. Features of the pelvis (the most reliable indicator of sex) are consistent with a determination of male. Determination of stature (based on measurements of the long bones in the right arm and leg) suggest that the individual stood between 5' 8" to 6' 1 1/2". For an additional $40, we can substitute the skull with a Calvarium Cut Skull BC-212. Please add this to the comments section during the order process, or call our toll free number, 800-914-0091 to order. For an osteological evaluation report (PDF), a copy of which will be sent with the purchase of this specimen, please go to SC-092-A-Report.

All individual postcranial bones are also available, See the SC-092 Group Page.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Homo sapiens SC-092-A 6' tall $2,350.00
TOTAL 2,350.00