Dmanisi Homo erectus Skulls

The Dmanisi site in the country of Georgia has yielded incredible hominin fossil finds of the species Homo erectus, adding further documentation to the presence of Homo existing outside of Africa around 1.7 million years ago during the Plio-Pleistocene period. The initial discovery of these hominins began with the discovery of a jaw in 1991. Since then, the discovery of 5 individuals has provided vast information about our early human ancestors. Detailed examinations of these hominins suggests they were small brained (500cc-800cc), a distinct similarity to H. habilis, yet skeletally similar to H. erectus/ergaster in Africa. Each of the 5 individuals, comprising 3 males and 2 females of varying ages at death, exhibit different skeletal traits highlighting the notion that great skeletal variability can exist in a single population. With a mixture of primitive and derived traits, it is theorized that the Dmanisi hominins are the possible precursor to archaic Homo sapiens and suggests an earlier migration out of Africa than previously thought. These human ancestors provide an incredible glimpse of early human development, within group variation, and hominin migration patterns.

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