50,000 YA. Homo neanderthalensis. Available exclusively from Bone Clones®, this Neanderthal skeleton was reconstructed by Anthropologist Gary J. Sawyer, of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), and Anthropologist Blaine C. Maley. It was featured in the AMNH January, 2003 exhibit "The First Europeans: Treasures from the Hills of Atapuerca." The skeleton known as La Ferrassie 1, found in France in 1909, is the basis for much of the reproduction. The pelvis, ribcage and vertebral column were modeled from other skeletons. This reconstruction, more vividly than individual bones, illustrates how Neanderthals differed from modern humans. Skeletal contrasts with modern humans can be noted in the structure of the pelvis and rib cage. The price of the Articulated Skeleton includes the stand as shown. Click Here to view the abstract, detailing how this skeleton was reconstructed.

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