Manatees are members of the order Sirenia, from the Latin 'Siren'. Could it be that this massive 10-foot long, half ton mammal fueled the mermaid myth? Certainly the Manatee's tail inspires our image of the mermaid, as does the up and down swimming movement achieved with this wide paddle. Noteworthy characteristics include vestigial pelvic bones, only six cervical vertebrae, elongated lungs, and pectoral fins containing five digits enclosed by thick skin. The ribs and other long bones of the Manatee are especially heavy, as they do not have marrow cavities. We are particularly proud of this Bone Clones® cast as we were able to retain all parts of the skull, including the inside of the braincase. Auditory bullae and other parts are individually cast and installed. Please check out our other Manatee products, such as our Manatee forelimb.

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