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SC-049 Group Product Info


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Flying Lemur Skeleton, Articulated
SC-049-A $1,130.00

(Stand included)

Flying lemurs, also known as colugos, are found in the rainforests of South East Asia. The name “flying lemur” is entirely misleading, as these animals are neither true lemurs, which are primates, nor can they fly. They are named for their resemblance to true lemurs, and their remarkable gliding ability. The strong membrane surrounding their body (patagium), which enables them to glide over 300 feet without losing much altitude, is the most developed of volant mammals, extending from their head, along to the tips of their fingers, toes and tail. Females will also use the folds of the patagium as a pouch to hold their young. They are vegetarian, straining leaves and flowers through their peculiar comb-like lower incisors.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Cynocephalus volans SC-049-A 27" L x 20" W x 26" High on Stand $1,130.00
TOTAL 1,130.00