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SC-012 Group Product Info


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Homo ergaster KNM-WT 15000 Skeleton, Articulated
SC-012-A $6,750.00

(Stand and Base Included)

1.6 MYA. The Homo ergaster skeleton KNM-WT 15000 "Nariokotome Boy" or "Turkana Boy" was discovered in 1984 in Nariokotome, Kenya. The first fragment was found by K. Kimeu and the rest of the find was excavated by R. Leakey, Walker and their team. The discovery of the skeleton, of which 40% was found, gave anthropologists a great deal of information regarding body size, limb proportions, brain size, and growth rates of Homo ergaster. The shape of the pelvis indicates the individual was male. Based on human growth models, age can be determined by examining tooth eruption and areas of fusion within the skeleton; his third molars had not erupted and lack of complete fusion in the humerus and pelvis indicate an age of approximately 11 to 12 years old. While his spine showed some signs of disease, he stood about 5' 3" and had a cranial capacity of 880cm³.

Bone Clones reconstructed the Nariokotome boy skeleton by using bones from the disarticulated version, which were based on the original find. In addition, by extrapolating from published data, relationships to other bones, and partial bone fragments, we reconstructed several vertebrae and the sternum, painting these bones black to differentiate them from the found bones. We used brass parts to indicate other missing bones. Custom articulation is available.

The Bone Clones® Fossil Hominid line is composed of discoveries from anatomically modern humans, archaic humans, early Homo, early hominins, and other hominids. The majority of the casts in this line have been recreated by our team of anatomical sculptors. Some are reconstructions made by anthropology professionals using fragmentary elements from original discoveries and extrapolating the missing parts from those (i.e. Neanderthal skeleton).

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Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Homo ergaster SC-012-A 60” Tall, Base 18” Diameter $6,750.00
TOTAL 6,750.00