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SC-116 Group Product Info


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Human 5-year-old Archaic Child Skeleton, Articulated
SC-116-A $2,250.00

(Stand and Base Included)

This nearly complete 5-year-old child skeleton is dated at approximately 6,000 years old. A few of the missing bones were sculpted (for example, tarsals and carpals). The skeleton was found in Morocco, where it was discovered along with tools and pottery. This archaic 5-year-old is noticeably smaller (about 5 inches shorter) than our modern 5-year-old Child Skeleton (SC-183-A). The modern and archaic skeletons are available as a set (COMP-183). Also available as a set are four tools found with the skeleton. Individual bones from the skeleton can be purchased as well. See related products below or inquire if you do not see what you are looking for. Stand and base are included with articulated skeleton only.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Homo sapiens SC-116-A 32 1/2" tall $2,250.00
TOTAL 2,250.00