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SC-010 Group Product Info


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Mandrill Baboon Skeleton, Articulated
SC-010-A $3,900.00

(Stand included)

Found in west central Africa in the countries of Congo, Gabon and the Cameroons, the mandrill baboon is at home in the rainforests. Although they are true quadrupeds, their opposable thumb and flexible clavicles allow them to be at home in the trees, where they often are found at night. Their brilliantly colored face distinguishes them from other baboons and primates. Their large head and prominent fangs (especially in males) make them formidable adversaries. They are omnivorous, eating fruit, roots, insects and reptiles. Custom mounting available for all skeletons, please inquire.

All individual postcranial bones are also available, see the Mandrill Baboon Group Page.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Mandrillus sphinx SC-010-A  33" L x 12" W x 25" H   83.8L x 30.5W x 63.5H (cm) $3,900.00

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Wood Base for Articulated Mandrill Baboon Skeleton SC-010-A. Finely crafted dark wooden base for displaying the skeleton. Skeleton and Metal Stand Sold Separately.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Display Base S-SC-010 15" W x 40" L $289.00
TOTAL 3,900.00