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Asian Elephant Tooth
KO-313 $188.00 $169.00

Asian elephants belong to the family Proboscidea (descriptive of their unique trunks), and are more closely related to the now-extinct mammoth than the Indian elephant. Elephant teeth are the largest teeth of any living animal. Elephants possess four molars at any given time, and two tusks. Each massive molar is a series of enamel ridges (called lophs) covered with cement, and is used to grind highly fibrous food (grasses, bark, leaves). The smooth cement of a new tooth wears down over time, uncovering the ridges (lophs). When outgrown or worn out, the molars will be replaced by newer, more complex teeth waiting in reserve, however, the elephant will only grow 6 sets of molars in its lifetime. Our Bone Clones® replica Asian elephant tooth (molar) clearly shows the lophs and root structures, and is painted to match the subtle coloration of the original. Please see our African Elephant Tooth, KO-045.

Conservation Status: Endangered


Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Elephas maximus KO-313 5" L x 2 ½" W x 5 ½" H $169.00
TOTAL 169.00