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Australopithecus afarensis A.L. 333-160 4th Metatarsal
KO-393-MET $36.00

3.2 MYA. This complete fourth metatarsal was discovered in 2000 in Hadar, Ethiopia, at the AL 333 site, where more than 250 hominin bones have been discovered. Ward, Kimbel, and Johanson write that the evidence provided by this metatarsal supports the idea that "by at least 3.2 million years ago, the fundamental attributes of human pedal anatomy and function were in place" (p. 753). They suggest that by the time of A. afarensis, arboreal life was no longer a substantial component of the life of these hominins.

Ward, C., Kimbel, W., & Johanson, D. (11 Feb 2011), Complete fourth metatarsal and arches in the foot ofAustralopithecus afarensis. Science, 331: 750-753.

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Australopithecus afarensis KO-393-MET 2 ½" Long $36.00
TOTAL 36.00