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Australopithecus afarensis Skull
BH-044 $396.00

3 MYA. A.L. 444-2 was discovered in 1992 by Yoel Rak in Hadar, Ethiopia, and analyzed with collaborators B. Kimbel and D. Johanson. A.L. 444-2, in addition to being the largest Australopithecus afarensis skull found to date, was the first discovery of an associated cranium and mandible for this taxon. Its size and morphological aspects indicate that it is clearly a male, and heavy dental wear suggests advanced age. Holloway and Yuan (2004) estimate its cranial capacity at 550 +/- 10ml. Before the discovery of A.L. 444-2, the A. afarensis species was known only from fragments of various skulls and a subsequent composite reconstruction, the accuracy of which had been questioned. This long awaited find (nearly 18 years after Lucy's discovery) confirmed the essential features of the composite and played a significant role in addressing other key questions about this taxon. In addition to underscoring the extensive sexual dimorphism present in A. afarensis, Kimbel et al. (1994, 2004) argue that the evident variability supports their argument for the taxonomic unity of the species. Further, they posit that in conjunction with the other finds from Hadar and Belohdelie, these fossils are evidence of a 900,000-year period of evolutionary stasis for A. afarensis.

The Bone Clones® Fossil Hominid line is composed of discoveries from anatomically modern humans, archaic humans, early Homo, early hominins, and other hominids. The majority of the casts in this line have been recreated by our team of anatomical sculptors. Some are reconstructions made by anthropology professionals using fragmentary elements from original discoveries and extrapolating the missing parts from those (i.e. Neanderthal skeleton). 

2-part skull (separate cranium & jaw).

Custom display stand available below.

Jaw available individually as well, please inquire.

Holloway, R.L., and Yuan, M.S. (2004). Endocranial Morphology of A. L. 444-2. In W. H. Kimbel, Y. Rak, and D.C. Johanson (Eds.) The skull of Australopithecus afarensis. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 123-135.

Kimbel, W.H., Johanson, D.C., and Rak, Y. (1994). The first skull and other new discoveries ofAustralopithecus afarensis at Hadar, Ethiopia. Nature 368: 449-451.

Kimbel, W. H., Rak, Y. & Johanson, D. (2004). The skull of Australopithecus afarensis. New York: Oxford University Press.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Australopithecus afarensis BH-044   8" L x 6 ½" W x 7" H   20L x 16.6W x 18H (cm) $396.00

Shown here is a typical stand having a metal base and rod with a resin cradle, coated with thin rubber to prevent scratching and damage to paint on skull. Please note that the cradle is custom-made for each different specimen. Color and shape may vary from the sample shown.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Display Stand S-BH-044 5" x 3" $60.00

Durable and economical corrugated plastic storage and carrying case for natural bone and replica human, great ape, and hominid skulls. This case is both attractive and lightweight. It includes a tab insert closure. This case ships flat and is easy to assemble.

Special handling fees may apply to this order. We will contact you with the amount prior to shipping.

Catalogue # Size Price
S-81 ID: 10 ½" L x 7 ½" W x 8 ½" D $36.00

The Premium Carrying Case for Human Skull is a durable storage and carrying case for human and fossil hominid skulls, as well as small, disarticulated bones and many other animal skulls. This case is both attractive and resilient. It is constructed of sturdy plywood, lined with foam, and covered with tough vinyl. Chrome hardware on each corner provides first-rate reinforcement and metal buckle clasps and lock assures closure and security.

(Skull Sold Separately)

Catalogue # Size Price
S-91 ID: 9 ½" L x 8" W x 6 ½" D; OD: 11" L x 9 ¾" W x 8" D $126.00

Bone Clones® bag for skulls and skeletal parts, useful for carrying and storing any number of Bone Clones® products. Its roomy 12" x 18" size makes it suitable for most human, hominid, and primate skulls, as well as many other medium-sized Bone Clones®. You can even use it for transporting your natural bone skulls. The soft grey flannel offers gentle protection and the sturdy braided cord provides a secure closure. If you're unsure whether a certain product will fit, feel free to contact us to check.

Catalogue # Size Price
BA-100 12" W x 18" L $14.00
TOTAL 396.00