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Bat Ray Jaw
BC-238 $144.00

The bat ray is so named because of the shape of its long pectoral fins, which look like the wings of a bat. A graceful swimmer, bat rays are known to leap out of the water and glide along its surface for a few seconds, giving the appearance of flying. They also look as if they fly through the water as they beat their wing-like fins. To get to the mollusks and crustaceans buried in the sandy or muddy floors of bays and estuaries, the ray will use its snout or quickly wave its fins to uncover its prey. Bat rays can grow up to 6 feet long with a 'wing span' of nearly 6 feet and weigh almost 200 pounds. Inhabitants of the eastern Pacific Ocean, they range from Oregon to the Gulf of California and the Galapagos Islands. They often travel in small groups but when breeding can be found swimming in schools of several thousand. They may live up to 23 years.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Myliobatis californicus BC-238   4" W x 5" H   10.1W X 12.3H (cm) $144.00
TOTAL 144.00