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Bone Scaling Femur Set
COMP-115 $827.00

Courses are being introduced in physics and life science departments specifically geared to providing pre-medical and life science students the type of foundation in biomechanics that will better inform their future careers. Understanding the physics of skeletal anatomy is one of the areas being added to course studies toward this end. Resurgent interest in Galileo's proposition on bone scaling, for example, is being tested and applied in many courses, with the aim of providing a better understanding of the relationship between physics and biology. Toward this aim, this Bone Clones® Bone Scaling Set was developed by Suzanne Amador Kane and Peter Love for use in the Haverford College Physics Department.

Product Key; 1-Horse femur, 2-Sabertooth Cat femur, 3-Human Adult Female Femur, 4-Komodo Femur, 5-Harpy Eagle Femur, 6-Kiwi Femur, 7-Platypus Femur, 8-Spider Monkey Femur, 9-Rhesus Macaque Femur, 10-Vervet femur, 11-Goliath Frog Femur, 12-Flying Lemur Femur.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Set COMP-115 SET $827.00
TOTAL 827.00