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California Condor Egg
KO-017 $53.00

California Condor Egg KO-017. The California condor is one of the two largest living birds, exceeded in size only slightly by the Andean condor, each of which has a wingspan of approx. 10 feet, weighing 20 to 25 pounds. This family also has the largest living bird ever: Teratornis incredibilis, a Pleistocene bird with a wingspan of 17 feet. We gratefully thank the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History for permitting us to cast this extraordinary egg. A portion of the sales goes to further its research. The stand shown is included.

Conservation Status: Endangered


Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Gymnogyps californianus KO-017 4" L x 3 ½" W $53.00
TOTAL 53.00