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Comparative Bird Skull Set of 5
BC-331-BIRD-SET5 $507.00

All bird species have beaks that are uniquely adapted to acquire, handle and consume particular foods available in their environment. This comparative set features skulls from birds with beaks specialized for consuming different types of food, including seeds and nuts, nectar, insects and other small animals. The northern cardinal has a short, conical beak with a wide base used for cracking seeds and nuts. The carnivorous red-tailed hawk has a strong beak with a curved upper portion that comes to a sharp point, designed for catching live prey and tearing flesh. The ruby-throated humming bird has a long needle-like beak, specialized for reaching nectar inside of flowers. The pileated woodpecker has a pointed, chisel shaped beak, specialized for making holes in bark to reach insects inside. The omnivorous American crow has a long sharp beak used to consume a variety of foods such as fruit, insects, seeds and other small animals. All of these birds are native to the Americas and are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 (protection against hunting, capturing, selling or killing migratory birds). This set would be a great addition to any biology, zoology or paleontology program studying comparative bird skull anatomy.

Set Includes:

BC-078 Red-tailed Hawk Skull
BC-075 Crow Skull
BC-112 Pileated Woodpecker Skull
BC-167 Northern Cardinal Skull
BC-151 Ruby-throated Hummingbird Skull

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Aves BC-331-BIRD-SET5 SET $507.00

This oval black resin base is suitable for use with various Bone Clones items, and is a perfect contrast for showcasing the bone-color skulls. Available in 3 sizes: small OB-01, medium OB-02, and large OB-03.

You can customize certain skulls you purchase by displaying them on the base most appropriate for the size of that skull. Intended for generally smaller skulls from our collection. You will find these bases as an accessory option on product pages where we have determined a size match between the base and the skull .

Naturally, you may find many other uses for these display bases.

Catalogue # Size Price
OB-03 5" W x 9" L $34.00
TOTAL 507.00