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Neanderthal and Modern Human Comparative Hyoid Set
COMP-135 $78.00

The Comparative Set of Hyoids contains the Bone Clones Modern Human Adult Male Hyoid (from the Human Male Skeleton, SC-092-A) and the Neanderthal Hyoid (from the Neanderthal skeleton, SC-019-A, a reconstruction by Sawyer and Maley). The Neanderthal Skeleton reconstruction was based primarily on La Ferrassie 1, with missing or incomplete elements filled in from other Neanderthal skeletons. The hyoid was constructed using an original cast from Kebara 2. The hyoid, a horseshoe-shaped bone, is unique in that it is the only bone not articulated to any other bone of the skeleton, instead being connected to the skull by ligaments and muscles. The hyoid is implicated in the evolution of speech development.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Homo sapiens, Homo neanderthalensis COMP-135 SET $78.00
TOTAL 78.00