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SC-265 Group Product Info


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Black Spider Monkey Skeleton, Disarticulated
SC-265-D $2,095.00

The black spider monkey occurs in the tropical rainforests of South and Central America. Its trunk is relatively short compared to the length of it hind limbs and even longer forelimbs. Longer than the monkey's entire body, the prehensile tail sports a friction pad on its distal section, which is useful for grabbing. The high level of sensitivity and flexibility of the tail is reflected in the structure of its vertebrae. Its hands possess very small or absent thumbs.

All individual postcranial bones are also available, See the SC-265 Group Page.

No assembly instructions or hardware are included with this product.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Ateles paniscus SC-265-D - $2,095.00

Durable and economical corrugated plastic storage and carrying case for skeletal material including skull and postcranial bones. This case is both attractive and lightweight. It includes a tab insert closure. This case ships flat and is easy to assemble.

Scientific Name Catalogue # Size Price
Case S-82 ID: 17 ½" L x 12" W x 10" D $70.00
TOTAL 2,095.00